Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Education Trust was established with an inspiration from a famous saying an expression in Guru Granth Sahib which means “To Lead from Darkness to the Light”; the light of knowledge and wisdom.  Education is the only path that can lead us to the Light.  It is the only force that can liberate mankind from ignorance, deliver us from gloom of hopelessness to the zenith of hope.

To provide best education facilities several educational institutions have been established and successfully run by Sri Guru Nanak Dev Education Trust. Our institutions have successfully provided technical & useful education to the students that helped in implementing creative learning, human development and innovative thinking for the transformation of young minds into competent professionals and global leaders.  These institutions have been meeting the needs of the intellectual and technologically changing society, serving humanity at large without prejudice.
At Sri Guru Nanak Dev Education Trust, formal and contemporary education is delivered on the strong foundation of ethical values.  I am proud that the students at Sri Guru Nanak Dev Education Trust are nourished, molded, and transformed into a personality that is first a humanist and then a professional in any pursuit.
I welcome you to Sri Guru Nanak Dev Education Trust where we foster your spirit to realize your dreams and build a prosperous future that is driven by excellence and humaneness.

With Best Regards
Er. Parmjit Singh
Chairman, Guru Nanak Dev Education Trust

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