Guru Nanak College of Education


Guru Nanak College of Education is affiliated to Punjab University, Chandigarh and is running the most popular education degree, B.Ed, M.Ed and Diploma in Elementary Education (E.T.T). Guru Nanak College of Education is the favorite destination of aspiring teachers because of its excellent academic delivery and practical exposure. 

Bachelor of Education is an undergraduate academic degree which qualifies the graduate as a teacher in schools. This degree is mandatory for appointment as teacher in all levels of school. The minimum qualification required for the entry into B.Ed course is a graduation degree in any stream. The students are supposed to study certain compulsory subjects on teaching methodology and philosophy and a set of teaching subjects out of a long list of subjects taught at schools. There are also practical in teaching practice in regular schools. After B.Ed degree, these graduates are eligible to pursue M.Ed in Indian Universities and Colleges. National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE) is a statuary body which regulates education courses in India. 

Guru Nanak College of Education is instrumental in providing 100's of trained teachers to state of Punjab .These teachers have definite edge over other teachers with graduation from other colleges because of high level of academic and practical training in Guru Nanak College of Education. The faculty in Guru Nanak College of Education of education is highly talented, qualified and experienced and so inspires the aspiring teachers to be ideal teachers and guides of young students.


Information is the first step to obtain knowledge in this era of information and project oriented technology and the confirmed knowledge can only open the gateway to Education. The degree course of Teacher Education (Secondary) called B.Ed. i.e. Bachelor of Education can only help an individual to confirm one's information and the knowledge perceived through the five senses.

On behalf of the Sri Guru Nanak Dev Education Trust Teaching Fraternity of College and all other members of staff, I take this liberty to extend my heartiest welcome to all new comer pupil teachers having admitted for the session both for the under graduate and post-graduate courses in the discipline of education.

I pray to Almighty GOD to bless all the new entrants with the real meaning of Education for their harmonious development of Personality, i.e., Body, Mind & Spirit.

With Best Regards 

Dr. Jyoti Gupta


Master of Education (M.Ed.)

M.Ed (Master of Education) is a two year program for students to acquire a general theoretical background for understanding past and future field experiences, or develop skills for use in professional work in education.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

B. Ed (Bachelor of Education) is a professional course that prepares teachers for upper primary or the middle level, secondary and senior secondary at the school level according to National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE). This degree is mandatory for teaching in higher primary and high schools in India. The program focuses on enabling student-teacher to reflect critically on the perspectives of education and integrate theory and practices to facilitate active engagement of learners for the knowledge creation.

Minimum qualification required for entry in B.Ed. course is Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) or Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). The students for Arts stream are trained for the subjects like History, Civics, Geography and Languages, while those who are from Science background are trained to teach subjects including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Elementary Teachers Training(E.T.T)

Elementary Teacher Training or E.T.T. is a diploma level course for teaching preschool curriculum and equips the teachers with skills to contribute to a child’s proper growth.  This course provides future educators with specialized education required to work in education sector. The prospective teachers complete on-site training as a part of their course before teaching in the classroom.

Elementary level education plays a significant role in laying the foundation for further learning through a series of supervised experiences. It is thus important that teachers acquire proper training in order to handle children at elementary level. The course includes all the major aspects of education field. Apart from the theoretical part, teachers also go through the practical training.
This program is an opening path for the students who have passed their senior secondary examination (10+2).


  • Adhering to transparent and Merit based Centralized admission procedure.
  • Qualified and Experienced faculty and sound infrastructure.
  • Our Trust give 100% tution fee Concession to Parentless students, 50% tution fee to Fatherless Students, 25 % tution fee to Physically Handicapped and Sibling.
  • The College caters to the needs of Rural Male and Female learners of Punjab and neighboring States.
  • Counseling and Placement Cell actively helps the students in placement.
  • Spacious Library having Wi-Fi connectivity empowered with DELNET facility.
  • Use of innovative teaching methods such as use of LCD Projectors, Smart Boards and Internet.
  • Well disciplined and conducive atmosphere for teaching learning.
  • Proactive and supportive management.
  • Students Centric approach in teaching and learning.
  • Language Lab is being used to develop sound communication skills among pupil teachers.
  • Healthy rapport among the management, Principal, Faculty Members and Students.
  • Students Support and progression programmes and activities.
  • Strong and acclaimed presence in research consultancy and publication.
  • Highly supportive alumni assistance in placement and resource development.
  • Green and Eco-friendly campus.
  • Active NSS Unit, Women Welfare Cell, Alumni Association, Grievance Cell, Sports Club etc. for organizing/participating of various activities.


  1. Science Resource Centre: We have a well equipped Science Resource Centre with all latest apparatus and required material for imparting practical knowledge to the students.  It comprises working & non working models.
  1. Psychology Resource Centre: We have a well maintained Psychology Resource centre having latest Psychology tools and tests, Apparatus etc. for B.Ed. Courses.  The remarkable collection of psychological equipments & pictures of psychologists speak the richness of Psychology Resource Centre.
  1. ET/ICT Resource Centre : We have a Hi-Tech & Wi-Fi ET and ICT Resource Centre with the provision line faculty & well furnished setting to educate a group of 40 students at a time.  We have well equipped, modernized Educational Technology Lab with all the ultra modern equipments i.e. overhead Projector.
  1. Language Learning Lab : We have a well maintained, computerized language learning lab which has latest Electronic devices, apparatus for developing different kills of pupil-teachers for teaching English, Hindi and Punjabi Languages.
  1. Arts & Craft Resource Centre : To cater to the aesthetic sense of the prospective teachers, the institution owns a well decorated Art & Craft Lab with the handmade items prepared by the would be teachers.
  1. Health & Physical Education Resource Centre: The college has Spacious & Well maintained Play Grounds for Indoor and Outdoor games.
  1. Mathematics Resource Centre: Our institute has well furnished Mathematics Resource Centre having all the required working models, mathematical equipment, and geometrical figures.
  1. Research Promotion Cell: In order to promote research in the field of education, research promotion cell has been formed in the college which works for promotion not only in house researches but also research in surrounding areas for betterment in the field of education.
  1. Social Science Resource Centre: Our institute has well furnished Social Science Resource Centre having all the required working models, Charts, Maps, and Globe etc.
  1. Library: We have a Wi-Fi computerized Library cum Reading Room with the provision of peaceful reading room, having more than 9427 books for B.Ed., classes, reference books, research books etc. along with 23 journals & magazines of national & State level along with e-journal & e-books.


  1. Internal Quality Assurance CellInternal Quality Assurance Cell aims at improving the total quality of teaching learning process and also includes new visions and Horizons for further process.  
  1. Women Grievances & Redressal Cell : In order to rectify the grievances of the students, a Women Grievance & Redressal Cell has been formed in the college.
  1. Guidance & Placement Cell: Our college has Guidance and Placement cell for providing latest information for the Enrichment in knowledge and skills for better future of the students.
  1. Anti Ragging Committee: The Anti Ragging Cell of Guru Nanak College of Education was established in 2011.  “SAY NO TO RAGGING” Ragging is strictly banned in Guru Nanak College of Education.  If anybody found indulged in such kind of activities, strict action will be taken as per the college norms.  Ragging is banned by Supreme Court of India under Prevention of Ragging Regulations.
  1. Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell: The College has constituted an Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell for Redressal of Sexual harassment complaint (made by the victim) and for ensuring time bound treatment of such complaints.
  1. Alumni Association: The institution organizes Alumni Meet every year in which students of previous sessions are invited.  The main objective is to get feedback from all students.
  1. Trips And Tours: In order to stimulate national and emotional integrations and a sense of responsibility, college Trip & Tour are organized by the institution every year.  All places of historical, cultural and educational value are given special emphasis during trip/tour.

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